Stapleton Residents Ditch iPhones After Seeing Maps Label Stapleton as “Aurora”

With all the buzz surrounding the new iPhones, it is hard to find a negative review, unless it is from die hard Apple haters. The iPhone 5 added more bells and whistles and continues to be the clear leader in smart phone technology. Stapleton residents are often early adopters, and many residents raced out to get their new toy. New users were pleased with their new phone up until they attempted to use the maps function. “When I decided to test the maps application, something didn’t seem right,” said Stapleton resident and iPhone 5 owner Kevin Hill. “While I was looking up an address, the GPS listed my current city as Aurora. I was in the town center. It’s bad enough I live this close to Aurora, I don’t want my phone saying I live there.” Other residents and iPhone owners experienced the same issue. “I was eating lunch with a friend who didn’t live in Stapleton,” says Chad Morris. “I was showing him the phone, and when he hit the maps application, it said we were in Aurora. He said it was the last time we would meet and have lunch in my neighborhood.” Several Stapleton residents have since returned their iPhones. “Every time I am trying to go somewhere, I can’t have my phone saying my starting point is in Aurora,” says Hill. “It’s bad enough that iPhone owners coming to meet me at my house will be told I live in Aurora.” Morris and Hill have both since returned the iPhone in favor of the more functional and accurate Galaxy S 5. “I am very happy with this current phone,” said Morris. “I know it is not as popular and hip as the iPhone, but at least it’s not telling me I live in Aurora.” ]]>

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