Stapleton Halloween Parades Turn Political

The Stapleton Halloween parades are usually a great way for residents to see all of their neighbors kids’ costumes and let their kid start getting excited for Halloween. This year, the normally fun parade became extremely political. “At least half of the kids were holding political signs, and many with no costume at all,” said local resident Nate Christin. “There were a lot of parents who simply said their kids were going as a Romney or Obama supporter. Hell, I had kids asking me who I am voting for.” The normally fun parades ended up being tension filled with residents suddenly realizing they had friends voting for someone they were not supporting. “It was really tough,” said Romney supporter Gene Gates. “We saw some friends and their child was carrying an Obama sign, and our daughter was carrying a Romney sign. We really didn’t have much to talk about, and I am just hoping that after the election is over, we can forget this whole thing happened.” Some small fights did break out between the opposing factions of kids. “My kid asked a Romney kid why he thought it was okay to trick or treat since it could be considered ‘redistribution of candy’,” said anonymous father. “A small melee had to be broken up, and parents exchanged some words as well.” The SUN Block Captain network has already responded to the issue. “Moving forward, no political signs or costumes on kids will be acceptable at parades,” said SUN President Mike Victoria. “We would prefer that kids enjoy their childhoods before being indoctrinated into their parents political beliefs.” Victoria believes next year’s parade should go much, much better.]]>

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