Stapletonians take Advantage of Denver County Jail’s Work Release Program

Last Tuesday, the Denver County Jail had a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the newly renovated jail. That is not the only thing that was renovated, however. The Denver County Jail also restructured some of its policies in regards to its work release program. “We are doing essentially what the Warden did in Shawshank Redemption, but doing it legally,” said Denver County Sherriff Elias Diggins. “We try to get business in areas such as yard work, painting, auto mechanics, etc. and we compete with other businesses in the private sector.” The business is called Denver County’s Finest. “We first had to get the word out,” said Diggins. “So, we had some of our guys in the program canvas the Stapleton neighborhood with fliers on doors explaining who we are and what we can do. Unfortunately, this caused a lot of concern with many people when they saw a person in an orange jump suit approaching their homes, so several officers were needlessly called, but lesson learned on our end.” Aside from that first scare, business has been great. “We have yard work contracts with over 300 Stapleton homes which includes sprinklers, fertilizer, mowing, and general landscaping,” said Diggins. “We have also served over 50 residents who had vehicle issues. Customers seem to be genuinely happy.” Money made from Denver County’s Finest goes back into the system in the form of more rehabilitation and reintroduction tools for the inmates. Inmates seem to be responding to the program in a positive way. “I feel like I am learning a new trade,” says Denver County’s Finest work release prisoner Mike Hamer. “Plus, I get to be outside, which is awesome.” Private companies do not like the new competition. “I can’t compete with their prices,” said Green Grass Company Owner Bob O’Reily. “They have basically no costs when it comes to the laborers. It’s going to run me out of business.” Residents, however, appreciate the low cost and the good job they are doing. “We never would have paid for a lawn service had it been any more than that,” says resident Zach Light. “Plus, I think they do a really thorough job. When you think about it, where are they in a hurry to go?”]]>


  1. I think the most important thing this program is doing is helping the inmates stay productive and healthy both mentally and physically. I was once an inmate myself and i know how lazy and bored inmates become just sitting in a room. Time alnosts stops and you forget what it’s like to look forward to the next day or what it’s like to feel useful and productive. I worked on the farm crew in the women’s prison in pueblo and i have a lot to thank them for. Being incarcerated should not take away a persons heart and soul but should give them structure and time to concentrate on themselves and their real goals in life.

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