Stapleton Resident Unaware of Stapleton’s 75 Miles of Off-Road Paths

Local Stapleton resident Heather Dean was astonished when told that Stapleton has several miles of off-street paths for walking, running, cycling, and stroller-pushing. The extremely fit Dean was reached for an interview while jogging with her twins Mason and Emma in a double BOB in the southbound lane of northbound Beeler. “Really? That gravelly-looking thing just to my left on the other side of the grass is a jogging path? I had no idea. I thought those were pathways Forrest City built for the coyotes to use.” When told that it would be much safer for her to use the paths or even a bike lane instead of jogging down the middle of a busy street, she responded, “I will consider it, but I don’t think near as many people would see me, and I am in really good shape.” Heather’s husband Jason was busy doing the laundry all wrong and could not be reached for comment.]]>

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