Resident Eagerly Awaits New Neighbor

“Since we have moved here, we have never gotten along,” says the man who chose to not be identified. “Heck, our kids don’t even get along, and they are the same age. I was very excited when they sold their home, and I am equally excited to see who the new resident will be.” The man does not have anything too specific in regards to what he is looking for in a new neighbor, but says, “it would be nice if the mom was hot. Oh, if the dad only cares about sports, that would be great, too.” The new neighbors are expected to be moved in by late January, just in time for the Super Bowl the first week of February. “Hopefully, everything works out and we can invite them over for a Broncos Super Bowl win. Man, I am excited. For the Broncos, and the new neighbors.” Although he is giddy with excitement, the man also has a lot of compassion. “Really, I am feeling bad for their new neighbors. I mean, right now, someone is all excited to meet their new neighbors the same as me, and boy, are they going to be disappointed.” ]]>

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