Armstrong’s Admission Not Enough for Stapleton Biker

Local biker Brian Kimball is pretty hard core when it comes to his biking. He has a $3000 bike, the best CamelBak, the newest energy bars, the most recent of hideous bike clothing, and of course, biker shorts. Kimball began biking in 1999, shortly after Armstrong won his first Tour de France title. “It is such an inspirational story,” says Kimball. “Not just recovering from cancer, but being able to beat all those other bikers whom were clearly on performance enhancing drugs.” Kimball continued to follow the career of his new hero, Armstrong. “He just kept winning,” says Kimball. “Just unbelievable. And I have read his books several times.” Kimball was able to get into better shape, but there was some downside to his newfound love of cycling. “I would go for six hour bike rides with friends every weekend,” says Kimball. “Obviously, we would wear the similar jerseys when we rode because, yeah, we are a team.” All the time away began to cause strain on his marriage, which eventually ended in a divorce in 2002. “I told her that my life was all about the bike. She just couldn’t accept it.” Over the last several years, several eye witnesses and former friends of Armstrong came forward to admit Armstrong and his team had indeed cheated. Kimball easily brushed this news away. “Look at the source,” says Kimball. “All these guys saying Lance cheated, are admitted cheaters. Besides, Lance never tested positive, and he was tested all the time. What more do people want?” When Armstrong recently conducted an interview with Oprah Winfrey on a television network that nobody has, he finally came out and admitted that he did in fact cheat, and lied about not cheating and using performance enhancing drugs. Friends suspected that this would finally convince Kimball that his hero was a fraud. “We thought this would crush him,” said longtime friend Tim Alger. “But, we also thought it was the slice of reality he needed.” The reality never did hit Kimball as he continues to believe Armstrong is innocent. “I don’t think Lance is the right person to be able to say who cheated and who didn’t cheat,” said Kimball. He is a bit too far from the story, and his admissions were of events several years ago. How many of us can recall things we did in 2011 much less 2002?” Kimball says he will continue to bike and support the innocence of Armstrong. “It’s possible that something could change my mind, but I don’t know what that would be.” ]]>

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