Parents Angry Kaleidoscope Teaching Kids ‘Spin the Bottle’

Stapleton Parents of the popular after-school program Kaleidoscope recently became outraged when they learned one of the games the children were playing was spin the bottle. “This was just unbelievable,” said parent Angela Wolf. “We know they are going to chase each other around and play dangerous games such as red rover, but spin the bottle? Most of these kids are in second grade or less.” Area Kaleidoscope program director Angie Tiedt disagrees. “Spin the bottle helps teach kids to interact with people of the opposite sex, as well as teaching them to be comfortable with their bodies,” says Tiedt. “We keep it pretty closely monitored as well.” Nonetheless, some parents are strongly considering pulling their kids from the program. “Overall, I think Kaleidoscope does a pretty good job,” says parent Andy Peckosh. “And I know my daughter has a lot of friends there, so I would hate to pull her out. Maybe they cannot participate when it comes to that portion of the program.” Although most parents are extremely displeased with spin the bottle being allowed at the after-school program, some parents do not mind. “It’s not like it’s seven minutes in heaven,” says parent Mindy Richmond. “That would be concerning. I mean, I was French kissing when I was in third grade, and all these kids are doing is giving little pecks on the cheek. What’s the big deal?” The big deal to most parents is that it sets a bad example for what is acceptable at school. “These days, kids are getting kicked out of school for touching another kid’s hand,” says parent Kate Bruns. “If my child thinks it’s okay to kiss people during school, I am scared of the type of suspension he would receive.” Kaleidoscope is reviewing its policies in regards to the game, and plans to have a final decision in the next two weeks. “If it turns out parents, principals, and teachers feel this is a bad idea, we will stop playing spin the bottle,” says Tiedt. “However, we still believe we are teaching the kids valuable lessons with the game.” ]]>

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