Westerly Creek Students Lip Synced “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” at Christmas Concert

Deadspin broke the scandal early this week, and it was confirmed by Westerly Creek students and the music teacher that Westerly Creek students were in fact lip syncing the closing number, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at the annual Christmas concert. “This was shocking news to say the least,” says Principal Laura Plakke, whom strongly denies having any involvement. “We take pride in our music program, and have the best Christmas concert in the community. We didn’t have to sync it for it to be a successful concert.” Parents of students were outraged. “When we come to this concert, we expect it to be the authentic, angelic voices of our children,” said parent Angie White. “We trust the music department of Westerly Creek to present our children’s voices in their natural, beautiful state. Many of us left the concert believing it was the best rendition of Rudolph we had ever heard. Then, we find out it was all a fraud.” Music teacher Mariah Bliss has been put on administrative leave while the situation gets sorted out. She issued the following statement though her attorney. “While it is true the children lip synced the song, it was in fact their voices they were lip syncing to. In an effort to give a great concert, I let the pressure get to me, and we used the controlled environment of our music room to do the recording. The acoustics were much better, and it was less likely any of the kids would get nervous and vomit or pass out, thus ruining the song. I deeply regret any emotional harm I have done.” It is uncertain at this point as to what will happen to the embattled music teacher and her department. “We know she means the best,” said Principal Plakke. “We are going to let the whole situation take its course, and after things calm down, we will have a discussion of the next steps.” ]]>

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