Digstown to Offer Table Etiquette Classes

In a much anticipated announcement, Digstown has made public its plans to begin offering table etiquette classes for Stapleton pets.

 “We have continued to receive many requests for us to help Stapleton dogs and cats acquire better table manners, and we finally decided to offer classes in the evenings for small groups of pets and their owners,” said Tammy Jarvis manager of Digstown, Stapleton’s well known doggie day care facility. 

”I mean – I keep hearing people whining about how their dog jumped up on the table and scarfed down a handmade burrito or helped herself to Egg Nog or Christmas cookies.  We think these classes will be very popular,” Jarvis said. 

Dogs and cats will learn whether to start with a beverage or solid food and where to place paws on the table when not eating and interacting with family members – along with other training on appropriate requests for additional food and gestures.  Rue shown above is attending her first class.

 “I’m just thrilled to hear this news.  I took my Labrador Martin over to some friends for dinner and he didn’t know how to sit up straight or that he should have waited for the hostess to be seated before he started on his Kibbles n Bits Gormet Blend.  I was just horrified,” said Sue Lindsley local Stapleton resident.

 “This is great!  I’ve been working hard to socialize my dog to Stapleton standards, but there’s still a lot of pressure, not to mention looks from friends when my dog Kiki starts helping herself to my neighbors’ fresh pasta or fresh fruit without asking.  This class is really going to do wonders – not to mention my daughter Maddie keeps trying to get Kiki to stay seated for her tea parties. “

Jarvis mentioned that pricing for the new table manners classes will be posted on the Digstown website by early next week.]]>

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