Forest City Purchases Mean Mustang from Airport and Places in Town Center

In another bold move, Forest City has purchased the rights to the DIA Mustang, nicknamed “Blucifer.” The “art” project has never been very popular with the Denver community, and most residents do not like the fact that the evil mustang is one of the first things to greet visitors when they come to Denver. “I think it is just an awful piece,” said Denver resident Kevin Clark. “Did they think it was new age, modern, or hip? How was this piece ever okayed?” Well, because of certain rules Denver has when it comes to these publicly funded art projects, the piece must stay up for at least five years before it is up for consideration to be removed. That five years has now passed, and more than likely, a petition will be made to have it removed. So, Forest City decided to step in. “People that want to get rid of this thing are crazy,” says Forest City President Phil Dargossi. “I am somewhat of an art snob, and I know good art. This is a great piece.” Dargossi said that before people had a chance to petition it out and destroy it, he thought he would get it in the hands of a community that really appreciates art. “Stapleton is absolutely an artsy community, and will love having this piece so close to the town center,” said Dargossi. Blucifer will replace the area that had been taken by the big Christmas tree near the fountains. “This is a very exciting move for Forest City,” said Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “I mean great art is hard to find, but now, all you need to do is follow the glowing, freaky eyes.” Residents are meeting the new project with mixed reviews. “I didn’t like it 15 miles away from me,” said Laura Smyth. “Why would I like it 10 blocks from me? Resident Ken Lair disagrees. “The kids are really going to think this is cool,” said Lair. “And think of all the weird folk stories we will be able to scare our kids with. Stay out too late, and Blucifer will come and get you.” Blucifer is no longer a public art project and is owned by Forest City, and therefore not subject to removal by petition.]]>


  1. I’ll enjoy telling my kids ghost stories centered around how the horse fell on and killed the original artist. (seriously, that did happen)
    I’ve also got a baby sitter booked for next Friday night so I can get drunk on PBR and sake in Town Center and then try to ride the beast. That red eyed, anatomically correct horse is going DOWN!

  2. Wow, someone on the editorial board must’ve fallen asleep at the switch. You actually refered to the tree in the town center as ‘the big Christmas tree near the fountains’. I’m pretty sure you meant to say ‘holiday tree’ or ‘winter festival tree’ or even just the ‘big tree’, didn’t you? Calling it a Christmas tree is so exclusionary and hurtful. I have a call in to my attorney to see if there is any type of litigation that may apply here. Shame on all of you.
    By the way, I hate Blucifer as much as everyone else, but I understand that we live in an age of tolerance where it doesn’t matter what the vast majority of people think or believe. If even one person doesn’t completely hate the evil blue atrocity, it has to stay. I mean, I pay a lot in property taxes so that I might live amongst all of these enlightened individuals in this planned development utopia and I don’t want to offend anyone. Ever. No matter what. Well, except for Christians, fat people and poor white trash. They don’t count, of course.

  3. I appreciate the sculpture… I just wish the eyes were not red… a cool amber or gold or yellowish color would have been so much better. I speculate that the son of the artist, who finished this piece, put the red eyes in with thoughts of his Father’s death in mind.

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