King Soopers: “Natural Grocer Could Not Make it in Stapleton”

King Soopers conducted its own study for the sake of the Stapleton community in regards to adding an all-natural grocer. Residents have been begging Forrest City for years to add an all-natural grocer to the Eastbridge town center, or anywhere else one could be placed. But according to King Soopers, the study’s conclusions do not give much hope to residents hoping for such a grocer. “We looked into several things in regards to the feasibility of another grocery store, and specifically, the feasibility of an all-natural grocery store,” said King Sooper’s spokesperson Mike Hoffman. “None of the results from the study would indicate that another grocery store, of any kind, could succeed in the area.” Forrest City appreciated King Soopers doing its due diligence. “Although we are disappointed in the conclusions, we are happy that King Soopers put the work and money into the study,” said Forrest City spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “Hopefully, these results finally put to rest the idea that another grocer is good idea or feasible.” Resident and longtime proponent of another grocery option Doug Crawford is not satisfied with the study’s results. “Of course King Soopers would say that another grocery store is not feasible,” said Crawford. “It could cost them millions of dollars. How could Forrest City believe this study has any credence whatsoever?” Forrest City gave several reasons from the study as to why another grocer would not succeed:

  • King Soopers already has at least two organic options, and priced just right.
  • Although King Soopers has doubled its expected monthly revenue, that just shows how much people love this King Soopers and refuse to go elsewhere.
  • Another grocery store may mean another town center. No one wants that.
  • Residents would much rather have current town center space used for more condos, and maybe a dry cleaner or two.
  • Stapleton residents have lots of time on their hands, and if they want to drive 20 minutes to another grocer, they have no problem doing it.
  • Another grocer would not be able to compete with the well run gas station and quaint Starbucks the current King Soopers offers.
  • Residents appreciate the challenge of finding a parking spot at King Soopers. If there was another option residents could walk or bike to, it just may not be as fun.]]>


  1. I have to just say, as a Stapleton resident, I just want somewhere to shop that’s larger and not as crowded. For me its not organic options its having someplace comfortable to shop, which this King Soopers is not. I still drive to Safeway on Krameria for my big shopping trips.

  2. @ Swoops. Please stop referring to the proposed development in Eastbridge as a “Town Center.” Based on the definition of what Forest City originally considered a Town Center (see 29th Ave. Town Center), this will be nothing resembling a true, traditional Town Center. It’s a glorified big box (too big) grocer and some retail pads. Vacant land is better than the current proposal on the table, in my opinion.

  3. With their poor selection of groceries, terrible management, and run-down property, King Soopers hasn’t shown me a whole lot of quality anything with their Quebec property (or Peoria store for that matter). I’m not really certain that they care much about anything and I don’t think ANOTHER store theirs is the answer. I’m really glad that the Northeast Co-op is getting their act together. Once that is up, I don’t plan on doing much shopping at ANY King Soopers.

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