Stapleton Couple Hires Actuarial Scientist to Help “Keep Score”

Brian and Michelle Asbee have two children, Reece (2.5), and Madison (6 months). Since Michelle had their second child six months ago, they have faced several challenges. Getting two kids on a similar schedule, traveling with two kids, making sure Reece is getting the proper attention, and simply trying to get some sleep among other things. But perhaps the biggest challenge they have faced is figuring out a way to determine who is doing more work. “It seems like it used to be pretty simple,” says Michelle. “I would change a diaper, he would take him on a grocery run. But now, with two kids, it has become way too challenging to figure out who is winning. We sometimes argue for two hours about who is ahead.” Brian agrees. “I know when we just had Reece, I would be down a little bit, and then have some catching up to do,” said Brian. “But now, we both feel like we are ahead, so are always urging the other to catch up. It causes a lot of frustration.” The Asbees believe they may have found a solution to their problem when they hired an actuarial scientist two weeks ago. “It is probably not his dream job,” said Brian. “But, it’s a job.” Their new employee, Eric Yaeger, agrees. “I needed the work, but probably not the challenge I was looking for,” says Eric. “There are some things I have done to make it more interesting, however. Many times, they were basing scoring simply on task. I have created a formula that adjusts the point value for the time, energy, and difficulty involved in said task. For example, changing a diaper is not as challenging as putting a child to bed.” Brian and Michelle already feel better about the situation. “I am down by about 86 points right now,” said Brian. “But I know where I am at, which is important.” “Things are finally right with the world again,” said Michelle. “It is good to know that I was right all along and on top.” The Asbees recommend other families hire an actuarial scientist to improve their marriage as well. “Heck, even if you don’t have kids, it would be great to have one,” says Brian. “It’s better than any marriage counselor we have had.”]]>

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