Stapleton Parents Disappointed in Child’s Winter Weight Gain

Jeremy and Tessa Whiteman are typical Stapleton residents. They work hard and do everything they can to provide for their kids. Also like most Stapleton residents, they are extremely proud of their children. “We of course think our kids are beautiful, athletic, and extremely bright,” says Tessa. “At this point, the sky is the limit in regards to their potential.” But recently, Jeremy and Tessa have become a little frustrated with their oldest, Nathan (3). “We have noticed that he appears to be putting on a little ‘winter weight,’” said Jeremy. “We really haven’t changed his diet that much, so he must not be getting enough exercise. And boy, it is starting to show.” Tessa first started noticing it around his cheeks. “His cheeks started getting a little puffy right after Christmas,” said Tessa. “At first we thought it was cute and that maybe it was just the extra food, treats, and candy. But now, it’s February, and his arms look chubbier, his legs look chubbier. We don’t know what to do.” The Whitemans have considered putting Nathan into a fitness class. “The truth is, that Andre Agassi was right,” said Jeremy. “Image is everything.” The Whitemans are afraid that their child is going to be left behind when it comes to playing sports, playing at the playground, and even not being popular. “We just want him to be as good as we think he is,” said Tessa. “And that means staying toned and fit.” The Whitemans plan to wait two more weeks, and if things haven’t changed, decide on a sports program to enroll Nathan into. “No matter what, we will get him back on the right track,” said Jeremy. ]]>

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