HGTV Green House Pretty F’ing Green

The HGTV Green House in Stapleton is green enough for even the hippy-est of vegan flower children. This adobe home features almost no modern amenities invented after the turn of the 20th century. The future “winner” of this home will be surprised by the lack of indoor plumbing, electricity, and natural gas.  “We wanted to create something that may not be comfortable to live in, but at least your doing your part for the environment,” says HGTV Green Home designer Meena Dasari. (see photos of the new Green Home after the jump) The highly anticipated home features an outhouse, a wood stove which only burns faux wood, and gas lanterns.  “I think we finally out-greened ourselves,” said Dasari.  Residents that have received a sneak peak at the home agree.  “Wow.  I could never live there,” said Sandy Doyle.  “Almost everything in the house is bamboo.  That includes the beds and couches.”  HGTV was even careful when selecting those that built the home.  “We decided to go with Hindus,” said Dasari.  “From our understanding of Hinduism, they are completely recyclable.”  For entertainment, the home will feature a library where all of the books are printed on recyclable paper.  “We think this home will bring families closer together and get back to the old days of reading and story-telling together,” says Dasari.  The family will not be short on organic food options, either.  The home comes complete with a garden, chicken coop, and even your own cow for dairy projects.  Residents can find out more about the HGTV Green Home by simply googling “HGTV Green Home Stapleton.”  You will get over 220,000 results, so you should be able to find what you are looking for.  For an exclusive slideshow of the home, click here.  (show the hut first, then the outhouse, stove, lantern, garden, chickens, and then cow. [gallery columns="6"]]]>

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