Stapleton C.R.A.P. Brings Hope to Stapleton Divorcees

Mathias says,” I decided to use my unfortunate personal situation as a means to support myself and help the many other divorced individuals in the community.”  Adhering to the Stapleton sustainability theme, the business savvy Mathias started the affordable dating service, Stapleton Conserves-Recycle A Partner, known to its clients as Stapleton C.R.A.P. The objective of Stapleton C.R.A.P. is to match up recently separated and divorced Stapleton couples to one another and simply play Musical Houses. This saves couples from having to pay a second mortgage along with all the fees that accompany each parent owning his/her home. “It’s a win/win situation,” says Mathias. We asked Mathias to tell us about her most memorable client experience. Here is what she recalls: “A legally separated couple came to me because they did not want to sell their house and could not decide who should get it in the settlement. They decided to give C.R.A.P. a try before paying more lawyer fees. Well I found them both another partner. The amazing thing was that the two individuals who they paired up with were previously married to one another!” She continues, “The story doesn’t end there. Both couples came back to C.R.A.P. a year later to be paired up again after irreconcilable differences and were matched with their original spouse! Now both couples are not only back with their original spouse, but also in their original homes. The amount of money they saved was exponential and they could not have done this without a year of C.R.A.P.”  With a business plan this sound, it appears C.R.A.P. will be around for a long, long time.]]>

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