Stapleton Stingray Swim Team Wait List Now Longest in Country

MCA Swim team head coach Adrienne Elmore understands the situation.  “First of all, we have a great swim team.  Secondly, we currently have three pools and 8,000 kids, with that number growing fast.”  Only six percent of people that tried to sign their kids up for the swim team actually got on.  Resident Carrie Hockenson is frustrated.  “We set our alarm to get up at midnight to get our kids (4 and 6) on to the Stingrays.  It filled up instantly.”  More pools are going in, but more kids continue to come to Stapleton.  “We are doing our best, but aside from closing the pools to only swim classes from 6AM to 11PM, there’s really nothing we can do,” says Elmore. Currently, Hockenson says that from her understanding, the best way to get involved with the Stapleton Stingrays is to have another child.  “They told me that if I get pregnant, I can get on a wait list where by the time that child is 8, they would be guaranteed a spot.”  Whether or not a Hockenson is ever a Stingray does not affect the chances of Stapleton High School (when it gets here) winning several swimming state titles.  “At this point, we really don’t see any scenario where Stapleton doesn’t win every team state swimming title for about 15 years after the HS is built.”  Neither do we, Adrienne.  Nether do we.]]>

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