Control Tower Community Arts Center to House Original Forrest City Plans

Forrest City and the Stapleton MCA are very close to releasing the final plans for the old Stapleton control tower. It appears that the space will be used for a community arts center which will allow for plays, productions, recitals, rehearsals, etc. It is not completely certain how this will be laid out, but it appears the center is the way things are headed. With the exterior far from being designed, it is too difficult to begin speculating what the interior will look like, but many are suggesting that it will definitely have a theme to it. “We want to make sure people remember what the facility was originally used for,” says MCA President Liza Kampstra. “This means, we will have photos and relics from back when it was an airport. There are a lot of cool things we can do with it in this regard.” Kampstra mentions that the ode to the Stapleton landmark will chronicle its history from its early days, all the way till when it started getting developed to become what the community is today. “One of the really cool things we were able to get our hands on were the original Forrest City plans for Stapleton,” says Kampstra. “They are only twelve years old, but it is really quite remarkable to see what the developer originally had in mind and know where we are at today. Just a really neat part of our history.” The original plans show a thriving town center in the Eastbridge neighborhood, complete with an organic grocer and local pub and eatery. You can also see in the original documents a school on the corner of 26th Ave. and Iola, and next to that, a several acre green space park. The artists depictions of the bustling community also highlight great diversity, to mirror that of the city of Denver. “The vision the original developers had was quite incredible,” says Kampstra. “Although, they have had some misses, I think it is important for people to come see these when the time comes. It will put in perspective that although things didn’t turn out perfect, the vision was.” ]]>

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