Pioneering Family First Stapleton Residents to Eat at Quebec Square Country Kitchen

There are dozens of stores and restaurants in the Quebec Square area. Stores offer shoppers and diners a variety of choices. Some Quebec Square restaurants are frequented by Stapleton residents such as Jimmy Johns, Smashburger and Buffalo Wild Wings. Other places are not as frequented, such as Arbys, Panda Express and Golden Spoon. But at some point a Stapleton resident has eaten, shopped, or had services done at every Quebec Square shop. That is, except one. Until last week, no Stapleton resident had taken a bite of food at the Quebec Square Country Kitchen. “I am not sure what they even serve,” said resident Brandon Stone. “I am pretty sure it is all you can eat, which is really not the kind of place we want to be bringing our family.” “I think it has country food, like mashed potatoes and meat,” guessed resident Jay Stagemeyer. “I mean it sounds good, but all you can eat? I can’t imagine you can sneak a lot of quality into an all you can eat meal.” The Earnest family disagrees. “It was actually a great family atmosphere,” said father Toby. “As usual, we decided to take a risk, and that risk paid off. There was a variety of food, and it was plentiful. We left full and happy.” Toby’s wife Sarah agrees. “The kids absolutely loved it. Lots of dessert choices, a variety of meats, including chicken nuggets, and all sorts of sauces. I give it four stars.” Many Stapleton residents are not against the idea of some good home cooking and all you can eat, they simply are against the stigma. “We try not to eat at chain restaurants,” says Nisha Roberts. “We are worried that friends and neighbors would find out, and we don’t want even more people talking behind are backs than there probably already are.” Although the Earnest family had a great experience at Country Kitchen, they are not sure if they will go back. “There is just so much more to do,” says Toby. “We climbed this mountain, and now we are looking for others to climb. It’s just who we are.” ]]>

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