Staff Writer One Responds to Forrest City Threat

Staff Writer One recently received an angry email over a recent article regarding the broken promises of the giant development company. “I personally, and we at The Stapletonion, will not be bullied,” said Staff Writer One. “They let me know in no unspecific terms that I was going to regret a recent piece of journalism. I am here to say that I am not frightened by this, and we stand more steadfast as proponents of the first amendment than ever.” Staff Writer One is referring to a specific email from Forrest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers in which she made the threat on behalf of the titan of developing companies. “There is no place for things like that,” says Staff Writer One. “We have tried to keep a good relationship with Forrest City, and be objective, but when we get threatening emails like this, it is disheartening to the journalism world as a whole.” Ayers recently released the email in which she says the threat is grossly overstated. “In context, it is not a threat at all,” says Ayers. “We were simply trying to strongly express our disagreement with an article written by Staff Writer One in a recently published issue of Stapleton’s top news source, The Stapletonion. In no way did we threaten action against Staff Writer One.” In the email, Ayers writes: “I apologize if this comes off harsh, as my repeated attempts to contact you directly to discuss have gone unanswered. I wanted to let you know we have great respect for your work, and I consider you a friend, and would even consider lip-kissing you. However, your recent article regarding “broken promises” was filled with inaccuracies, and I believe you will wind up regretting making these errors.” Staff Writer One says that he will not use any extra security in lieu of the threat, and that he expects Forrest City to back off the threat. “I am not in fear for my life. I know that email was sent in the heat of the moment, and Forrest City will eventually apologize and we can move on. I expect to continue to have a professional relationship with them.”]]>

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