Forest City to Hold Conclave to Decide Next Stapleton Grocer

Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers has confirmed that Forest City executives along with a group of outside consultants are meeting to decide the grocer that will come in and anchor the Havana Town center. Secret meetings will be held beginning in early April at the control tower, where the executive team and the consultants will discuss who should be the next grocer which will purportedly go in the long awaited Havana Town Center. Forest City and its consulting firm have adopted the conclave as the complex procedure that will ensure a selection, much different than a threatened sequester which essentially accomplishes nothing. On the first day, each voter will receive one vote, and if a majority decision is not reached, four votes will be held for each successive day, two for the morning and two for the afternoon. The process will then be repeated until a grocer is selected. If after three days they still have not selected a grocer, they will suspend voting for a day, and spend the day in reflection and prayer. If after seven more days of repeating the same process they have still not selected a grocer for the Havana town center, they will have a runoff vote between the highest two vote getters. Once the grocer has been selected, the Forest City team will notify the Stapleton community using white smoke arising from the top of the Control Tower. “We have spent a lot of time looking at this process,” said Ayers. “We feel this is the best way for us to successfully make a selection, and simply stop putting it off. We know the community has wanted this for a long time, and now all they need to do is wait for the white smoke.” Forest City has agreed to allow vendors and seating in the vacant lot next to the control tower to host the expected thousands of interested onlookers. You will also be able to see the tower streamed live through the internet to know when a selection has been made at]]>

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