Five Sterling, CO Families Able to Get Kids into Swigert

Many families have expressed their disappointed in not getting their child into a Stapleton elementary within blocks of their home, instead ending up at the school farthest from their homes. “It is really frustrating,” said Brian Harper. “We can look out our window and see Swigert, but our kid got into Stapleton 4. It’s like two miles away, but it is a really annoying drive.” Other families admit the same frustration. “We live three blocks from Westerly Creek,” says Stapleton mom Jamie Collins. “But, we got into Swigert. I know Swigert is a great school, but it is significantly farther away, and not an easy route to eventually ride a bike or walk to.” Two months ago, SUN conducted a poll with community residents essentially wanting to understand what they were looking for in a new school and the community schools. It was fairly apparent that people mostly were looking for the ability to get into schools closest to them. Unfortunately for Stapleton residents, this is not what seemed to have happened in whatever bizarre lottery system was used. “It is really disappointing,” said Collins. “In fact, I don’t think we have spoken with one family that got into their first choice school.” Not everyone was disappointed in the process. Five different Sterling, Colorado families were able to get into their first choice, Swigert. “We were elated when they notified us that we got in to Swigert,” said Sterling and soon to be Swigert parent Delecia Sauer. “It was the best news we have received all year.” All five Sterling families echoed these sentiments, mentioning they had heard about what a great school Swigert was. In the end, the process may not have worked for everyone, but the process has left at least a handful of satisfied parents. Editor’s Note: Just zone the schools, and unless you have a very specific and real reason for not wanting your kid to go to the school in your zone, you will have access to a great Stapleton school just around the corner. ]]>

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