Finally: Eastbridge Nabs All Natural Grocer

After years of broken promises from Forest City, and after lots of hard work by SUN and the MCA, Eastbridge is finally getting an all-natural grocer. “We are so pleased with the community and the hard work of several individuals,” said SUN President Mike Victoria. “This is the commutation of the efforts of so many people, lots of resources, and of course, lots of money. It is not a Whole Foods, or even a Whole Foods Express, but Mike’s Market is going to be just what we need to jump start the rest of the town center.” Mike’s Market will be “constructed” in the vast vacant area west of the car wash. “It may take up to three days for the market to be finished,” said Victoria. “A lot of that is drive time, as Mike is heading here from Texas, and then he needs to get his Denver vendor license, etc. Nonetheless, after he is in, we expect the increased traffic to generate interest from a liquor store, and possibly a café.” Eastbridge resident Kyle Closson shares Victoria’s excitement. “This is huge news to those of us who moved to this particular area of Eastbridge based on the promise of a town center,” said Closson. “The fact that it is going to be an all-natural grocer will finally make Eastbridge residents the top of the community instead of always being laughed at. Words hurt, you know.” Other residents agree. “Pretty soon we will be able to walk to get a cup of coffee and some fresh bananas,” says Eastbridge resident Kristine Clark. Some Eastbridge residents are underwhelmed at what the millions of dollars and thousands of man hours that were invested into the project. “I am sure Mike’s Market is a great company, and will do great here in Stapleton,” says resident Rob Carnewal. “It’s just that many of us expected a little more for how long we have waited, and for how much was put into this. It just seems a little small, I think, and it might not make the impact some expect.” No matter what side Eastbridge residents are on, they all seem excited for the grocer to be in place in mid-April. “Spring is alive, spring is alive,” said excited Eastbirdge resident Tracey Shelton. Who knows, the new grocer may even spring growth into the once abandoned town center. ]]>

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