Stapleton Couple Discovers Hidden Pocket Park

Stapletonians Joe and Kate Hill have lived in Stapleton for over five years. They have friends in all of the Stapleton neighborhoods, and they take several walks with their dog and young children. “We thought we had seen everything you could see in our little community,” said Kate. “But, when we were walking in North Central Park, my son ran into one of the small pocket parks. We had been to that park before, but never really explored it.” The pocket park Kate is referring to is maybe 20 yards by 20 yards, and comes complete with green grass and a couple of rocks a child could safely climb on. However, while climbing on the rock, Kate and Joe’s son Eli must have tripped a switch or button, which revealed a park which none of them had previously seen. “It was like out of a movie,” said Joe. “All of the sudden, we are standing in this beautiful, 10 acre park, with trees, flowers, and playground equipment. They even had a basketball court. It was incredible.” “There was all sorts of art, and it was basically silent, except for the birds,” said Kate. “I recently read an article on Stapleton Denver which said, ‘You might even stumble upon a public art piece, a hidden path, or a quiet retreat.’ I thought it was kind of silly, but, by God, they were right!” The Hills spent about an hour and a half playing and running around and enjoying their privacy in this hidden retreat. “It was the most fun we have had at a Stapleton pocket park for sure,” said Joe. “Hopefully, we can figure out how to get back there.” The Hills are reluctant to give any secrets away in regards to finding this hidden gem. “If others find it on their own, fine, but I don’t see any reason as to why we would give this secret away,” said Kate. “We love that place, and our privacy.” Forest City made the following comment. “We are not going to confirm or deny the existence of any secret pocket parks. People need to go out on their own, and find their own hidden paths and quiet retreats.” ]]>

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