Stapleton, Forest City to ‘Go Big’ on Earth Day

The Stapleton community has a strong reputation when it comes to overall environmental friendliness, conservation, and recycling. The community through Forest City definitely promotes this avidly. “It is important that as we continue to build more units, we are conscience of the environment around us,” said Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “We want to make sure everyone knows that we are the most environmentally friendly community not just in Colorado, but the nation. If we have to buy billboards across the city, purchase bus advertising, or even fly planes with banners, we will do it to get our message across.” Which is why this year Forest City and Stapleton plan to have a blowout party for our favorite planet (not including Saturn. Saturn is probably everyone’s favorite). Forest City plans to light every building in the town center with 200 watt bulbs, shoot off hundreds of fireworks, have a party which will feature thousands of cans and bottles of beer and wine, as well as over two dozen vendors with food (paper plates, napkins, and plastic sporks will be provided). There will be live bands with tens of speakers, and the grand finally will feature fireworks as well as a water show bigger than the Bellagio’s. “This is the best way we can think of to remind people that Forest City and Stapleton are environmentally friendly,” said Ayers. “All the music, lights, food, etc., will remind people what conservation is all about here in Stapleton.” Residents are excited for the party. “When you are celebrating something as big as earth, you have to throw a big party,” says resident Seth Hayek. “My wife and I are going to drive up separately, since I will want to go earlier. I could walk, but I know after all of the festivities, I won’t feel like walking the six blocks home. It is going to be a party.” The first 500 partygoers will receive a gift bag including hairspray, insect pesticide, a small bottle of Freon, and a carton of cigarettes. “We have been working on this for a long time now, and know it will be the party of the year,” said Ayers. “Go earth, and go Forest City.” The Stapleton Earth Day Party begins Saturday, April 20th, and is expected to go till early morning on Sunday. ]]>

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