Stapleton MCA to Introduce Tubing on Westerly Creek

Stapleton is a very active community, with many different options of things to do outdoors. Biking, walking, and even skateboarding are extremely accessible in the outdoor areas of Stapleton. However, Stapleton and Denver have many residents from the Midwest who miss being on the water. The Stapleton MCA recognized this and realized they needed to capitalize on an underutilized resource, Westerly Creek. “We spend a lot of time organizing efforts to clean up Westerly Creek, but put no time into how we can use it,” said Stapleton MCA President Liza Kampstra. The MCA decided to hold some brainstorming sessions to figure out what they could do with this majestic, meandering body of water. “Fishing was the first thing that was brought up,” says Kampstra. Unfortunately, there were just too many challenges in regards to stocking the creek, what to stock it with, etc. Other people brought up sailing, but after a comprehensive study on the average size of sailboats versus the size of the creek itself, it just wasn’t going to be feasible.” The MCA continued to struggle with finding a way to get people on the water. Then, one of the members remembered a trip they took to Buena Vista several summers ago. “A group of us went rafting a while back,” said MCA member Brad Harves. “We had a ton of fun, and I thought, why can’t we recreate something similar here?” The MCA realized that full sized rafts may be a little much for the creek, but tubes would work just fine. “We ended up partnering with a tubing company that worked with us to help us figure out the logistics of it all,” said Kampstra. “This is going to be very exciting for the community.” Kampstra mentioned that not all of the financial details have been worked out, but they are going to grade different areas of the creek by class so that kids cannot go alone down the class 3 and 4 areas of the creek. Kids will enjoy the ride, and parents can head out with friends and relax with some drinks as they enjoy the creek. “This is a great addition to the community said Kampstra.” Tubing is set to open sometime in late May. ]]>

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