DPS Cancels School for Rest of Year

In a bold move, Denver Public Schools decided to cancel all remaining school days due to the inclement spring weather. “We are to that point where the kids don’t want to be here, the teachers and administration don’t want to be here, and the weather is just giving us a good reason to call the whole thing off,” said DPS Superintendent of Schools Jason Majerus. “It had gotten ridiculous with the snow, the wind, rain. There was really only one full month of school left, and teachers and students usually throw in the towel at the end of March anyway. The kids really won’t be missing any quality learning days.” The announcement has stunned and angered several Stapleton parents. “We spend all this money on our local schools to create a positive learning environment, and then they cut out about 30 days of our kids’ educations,” exclaimed Stapleton resident Jennifer McDonald. “It is absolutely ridiculous.” Other parents agree. “Our state, and our country are falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to education,” said Keith Gaies. “This is not the way to catch up.” Other parents are even considering the way they educate their kids. “I am strongly considering joining the rest of those home school crazies,and just doing it myself,” said Amanda Benning. Many Stapleton parents are faced with entirely separate dilemma: what to do with their kids from 9-4 each day. “I really can’t say whether or not DPS is doing a good job educating my kids,” said Kirk Lehman. “However, it is the best darn bang for your buck when it comes to child care. What are we going to do with our kids now? It is going to cost us a fortune.” North Central Park resident Angie Speaker agrees. “They really hung us out to dry on this. Had they told us a month ago school would be shutting down early, we may have been able to scramble to figure something out. I don’t know what to do now.” Superintendent Majerus understands parents’ frustrations, however is unable to offer any solutions. “We can’t address the specific needs of every parent, we just need to do what we feel is best for the school system. And right now, shutting the whole thing down, and then preparing for next year, seems like our best option.” To find suggestions on what to do with your children in lieu of the early school closing, parents are asked to look on the Stapleton Mom’s Yahoo Group. ]]>

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