“Hot Mom-A-Lattes” Headed to Stapleton

The new 7-Eleven and Stapleton Autowash have created some controversy in recent months, but a new coffee concept slated to be developed between the two, seems to be gaining traction throughout a Stapleton community that has a reputation for being anything but developer-friendly. According to John Burke, Forest City’s Vice President for commercial development, the corner of Central Park Boulevard and Montview is a natural location for a coffeehouse with a drive through. “If you have ever been to the Starbucks on 29th Avenue, it is immediately apparent that additional overpriced coffee is needed and will be supported in this neighborhood. That, coupled with the traffic to and from the Fitzimmons medical center and the location between two schools (Bill Roberts and DSST) makes this a prime location. Burke had originally hoped for a Trader Joe’s in this location, but the community opposition to the 7-Eleven beer license “made it apparent there would be no one willing to support the sale of the chain’s popular 2 Buck Chuck wine.” The new developers are also banking on a unique but tested niche concept to boost sales. For owner Gary Hutchins, this is a second chance at coffee success, as he claims his last concept was stolen from him by the current owners of Hot Chick-a-Latte, whose owners refused comment due to pending litigation. Hot Chick-a-Latte, located on Colfax Avenue is known for its baristas in lingerie, who can frequently be seen on Colfax hula-hooping as they entice passing cars to swing in for a jolt of caffeine. Gary believes his latest idea is a perfect fit for Stapleton. Hot-Mom-a-Latte will have a similar business model as Hot Chick-a-Latte, but will employ active stay-at-home moms in Stapleton. He has already started working with Stroller Strides, CorePower Yoga, Bladium and Stapleton CrossFit to identify and recruit “active, fit moms” who will be a good match for his concept. He plans on offering hours that would allow flexibility for the daily rigors of parenting, he also believes it will be a good outlet for these new employees: “let’s face it, this gives them an opportunity to make those gym hours really pay off and have fun at the same time.” Thus far, he says feedback from the community has been very positive, particularly from a group calling themselves “FOS” or Fathers of Stapleton. Reaction from the more well-known Stapleton Moms group has been less enthusiastic, but with a mom-friendly workplace and ample stroller parking, he believes they will continue to warm up to the concept. The Stapletonion is partnering with Hot Mom-A-Latte to help find qualified employees. If you are interested in working at Hot Mom-A-Latte, please email us at Stapletonion@gmail.com. ]]>

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