SUN President Regrets Calling Westerly Creek Block Captain “Best Looking Block Captain”

SUN President Mike Victoria was recently making remarks in Westerly Creek prior to the unveiling of a block’s hard-earned ‘neighborhood watch’ sign being unveiled. After praising Westerly Creek block captain Alisha McDermott for her hard work and diligence in getting the sign, Victoria followed up with some surprising remarks. “Aside from being a great block captain, I would have to say that Alisha is also the best looking block captain in Stapleton.” The remark drew an awkward silence, and a confused look from Alisha prior to her speech. Later, Victoria apologized for his remarks. “My comments in regards to Block Captain Alisha King were insensitive and inappropriate. Alisha’s stunning appearance has nothing to do with her effectiveness as a Block Captain. Furthermore, I would like to apologize to the rest of Stapleton’s Block Captains, male and female, as I know many of you are very attractive as well, and my comments may have unintentionally alienated you. The Stapleton Block Captain network continues to be one our biggest strengths as a community, and I will make sure not to make any more remarks on the appearance of any Block Captain.” Block Captain Alisha King has long forgiven Victoria for his comments. “The comments were a little out of place, but I never took offense to them. What kind of a world do we live in when calling someone attractive is an insult?” asked Alisha. Alisha’s husband Rick also was unaffected by the SUN President’s comments. “I live with her. I am aware she is attractive. It was hardly news to me.” Most residents agree that the comments were simply inappropriate. “Granted, she probably is the hottest Block Captain,” said Duane Williams. “But, we should be judging her completely on her merits and accomplishments as a block captain and nothing else.” Holly Collins agrees. “I definitely think Victoria should take the time to meet all of the Block Captains before making that judgment, but more than anything, he needs to not comment on personal appearances of others when it is not appropriate.” SUN says that Victoria will not be participating in any unveilings or ribbon cuttings in the immediate future. ]]>

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