Stapleton MCA Bans Backyard Boats

If the tragedy in Boston taught us one thing, it is that dangerous terrorists often hide in boats in people’s backyards. So last week, the Stapleton MCA decided to eliminate any possibility of terrorists hiding in boats in Stapleton backyards by adding a provision to the HOA which will not allow anyone to house any nautical vessels in their backyards. “This was an easy decision,” said MCA President Liza Kampstra. “We all saw what unfolded in Watertown. We do not want to see that here in our community.” Overwhelmingly, residents have supported the decision. “Stapleton is a very diverse neighborhood,” said resident Dean Rice. “We all have our differences at times, but when necessary, we ban together to make good decisions for the community as whole.” It is uncertain how many residents will immediately be affected, but the MCA is estimating that number to be between zero and one. The official HOA ordinance will take effect on June 1st, and anyone still keeping a boat in their backyard will be subject to fines, having their boat removed or even losing their Stapleton home. “If we are going to do this, we have to do it the right way,” says Kampstra. “We need to send the message that we are going to be a boatless backyard community. And a boatless backyard community is a safer community.” For more information on the boat ban, go to ]]>

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