Stapleton Woman Stuck at Quebec Square Intersection for 45 Minutes

Kathleen Andreasen decided to take a trip to the Stapleton Home Depot and then grabbed a quick sub from Jimmy Johns. She assumed the trip would take roughly an hour from the time she left her home to the time she arrived home. “I ended up being gone for about two hours,” said Kathleen. “It was ridiculous, and infuriating.” Kathleen was referring to her struggle to cross over 36th St. at the intersection in Quebec Square. “The cross traffic has the right of way, and people on that street just kept on coming and coming,” said Kathleen. “Then, I was like nine cars deep, and people in front of me kept letting people from the parking lot in. It was the angriest I have been in a car ever, I am pretty sure.” Kathleen says that her trips to Quebec Square may be over. “I don’t think I can ever go back. At least not for a while. The trauma is still with me, and I am just not ready to be in that area again. In fact, I don’t think I can eat a Jimmy Johns sub.” Many Stapleton residents have experienced a similar problem in Quebec Square, so the SUN Traffic committee is beginning a study that will either help traffic flow, or at least instruct Stapleton residents as to the best times to go to Quebec Square. “First of all, we tell people to try to avoid going to Quebec Square, unless you are going to the dentist,” said head of the SUN Traffic committee Scott Clinton. “But, we know that is not always realistic, so we are counting cars to learn about high traffic days and times. We eventually will post that information on the SUN website so that residents can make their Quebec Square runs based off of that information.” Clinton says that there are no plans to put in any traffic signals or four way stop signs. “A four way stop sign at one of the intersections probably would make sense, but it is not something the city is considering at this time. Our hands are tied, so the best we can do to help residents is to instruct them on when and when not to go to Quebec Square.” Luckily for Stapleton residents, the Eastbridge Town Center will soon have a Check Into Cash which will make Quebec Square runs less necessary and frequent. ]]>

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