After Three Years, Stapleton Man Realizes Stroller Not Personally Monogrammed

Robert McCracken enjoys running to keep in Shape. Six years ago, his wife Helen had their second baby. They now had a newborn and a two year old. Robert continued to run on his own, but told his wife he would love to get a running stroller for which he could eventually take both the kids. Robert told her to find one, as that was “her department.” He was pleasantly surprised on his birthday with the new dual running stroller. He could immediately take his older child, and would soon be able to take both of them running with him. He also appreciated the nice touch of his wife having the stroller monogrammed. “Some people have personalized bowling balls or golf bags,” said Robert. “I really don’t do much of either of those, so it was really neat that my wife decided to put my nickname right there on the stroller, something I was going to use a lot.” “He was really excited,” said Helen. “I didn’t have the heart to explain to him that “Bob” was simply the brand of the stroller. I figured he would eventually figure it out.” Robert was very proud of the stroller, and liked how it handled. He would often run into other people who would ask about the stroller, which did cause confusion. “I figured they were kind of teasing me by calling my stroller ‘the Bob’ poking fun at the fact that it was monogrammed. It didn’t bother me at all, as I was so proud of it.” The confusion finally came to an end last week when he wanted to surprise his brother with a stroller after his brother’s wife announced she was pregnant. “He is a runner, too,” said Robert. “So, I figured mine worked so well, that I would get the same thing for him, and even have it monogrammed as well. I looked all over the stroller to find the name, and finally had to ask my wife.” Helen was happy Robert took it so well. “I explained it to him, and although he felt like an idiot, at least he wasn’t mad at me.” Robert is deciding now if he wants to get the stroller monogrammed. This time, it would say ‘Robert.’]]>

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