Stapleton Realtors Building Homes Themselves To Create Inventory

The real estate market in Stapleton has become so competitive, and the inventory is so low, that realtors who specialize in Stapleton are beginning to build homes in the area. “I have a few things coming up, but to guarantee I will have a pipeline of places to sell here, I had to get to work,” said local real estate agent Seth Hamrock. “Obviously, I know a lot about houses, but I didn’t realize it was this much work to build them. I could really use some help.” Making matters worse for local realtors is just how competitive the market is. Agents are often working through the night building their new inventory. “It has been really hard,” said Hamrock. “I am out working in the field all day, then I head right over to my project and hammer away for eight hours. Next thing you know, it is time do the whole thing over again. In the end, I have great clients so it is totally worth it.” Forest City Director of Development Brian Lockie says the company is doing everything it can to build homes and expand the development more quickly. “We are working hard to continue to expand the housing units,” says Lockie. “We are focusing all of our efforts there, and have reallocated our resources from the Eastbridge Town Center to continue our push north and east. We are trying to keep up with the demand, but it has been difficult.” To stay competitive in this market, realtors like Hamrock will continue to be creative and think of ways to not only help new clients but create inventory for them as well. “One great thing about building the house yourself, is that you can truly know the house inside and out,” said Hamrock. “That way, I know there is no chance of misrepresenting anything about the home I am getting one of my clients into.” ]]>


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