Stapleton Wife Catches Husband in the Act of Watching Tiger Woods

Stapleton man Steve Cuthbert has been a golf fan since he can remember. He started playing at age six with his dad, and went on to be a successful golfer in high school, and even played golf in college. He does not golf quite as much as he used to, but still gets out a decent amount. He has followed several golfers over the years, and like many fans, was enamored by Tiger Woods’ golf game. “The guy completely changed the sport,” says Cuthbert. “He has so much talent, and it is so exciting to watch him play. He was hard not to cheer for.” That all changed in November of 2009 when Tiger was essentially caught in a cheating scandal. It was reported that Tiger had had several affairs with multiple women while leaving a pregnant wife at home. This did not go over well in the Cuthbert household. “My wife began accusing me of being a cheater since I was a fan of his,” said Cuthbert. “We almost had to go through counseling, and in the end, we agreed that I could never watch Tiger Woods golf again.” Steve was able to uphold his part of the bargain for a long time, but this weekend, fell off the wagon. “I read he was in the hunt for the Players Championship, and my wife was taking the kids down to see her mother in Castle Rock,” said Cuthbert. “So, I thought I had the time. I was down on the basement watching him finish up, when my wife suddenly burst open the basement door. She started yelling ‘cheater! cheater!’ and I knew I was pretty much screwed.” Cuthbert tried to say he was just passing through channels and it happened to be at the exact time she came in, but that proved to be an unsuccessful argument. “It wasn’t a very good story,” admitted Cuthbert. “We are going to try to work through this, but right now, it would appear I am buried in the sand without a good lie.”]]>

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