Analysts Expect Wine Cellars to Earn $1 Billion in Pool Alcohol Sales

Economic experts are predicting a huge summer for Wine Cellars The Bottle Shop at Stapleton for this summer. Wine Cellars has begun delivering alcohol to local pools this summer as well as ice, and is the only liquor store that has taken up the venture. “We noticed that people like drinking at pools, but don’t necessarily like to worry about packing booze along with the tens of other things they need to bring,” said co-owner Rich Motarjeme. “We wanted to help customers fill that gap.” Wine Cellars will bring beer, wine, and ice to any pool in the Stapleton community. Residents are excited for the prospect of alcohol delivery. “This is going to be great,” said Kyle Seery. “Bringing my own alcohol, packing ice, etc. has just become a pain in the butt. It’s easy to bring an empty cooler and have someone else do all the work,” said Seery. The Stapleton population has long been known for its love of alcoholic beverages. “Due to the high-stress jobs of Stapleton residents, be it doctors, lawyers, or high-powered executives, they tend to drink more than the average Denver resident,” said analyst Chris Battenfield. “Plus, the fact that they have kids and are married makes them more likely to drink.” Battenfield included other reasons why Wine Cellar’s venture is expected to be so profitable. “Residents can afford to spend the money,” says Battenfield. “If they are given a choice between doing it themselves or paying a little more to have someone do the work for them, they will often choose the latter.” Most analysts are predicting sales this summer for Wine Cellars to be between $800 million and $1.2 Billion. “Financial predictions are rarely aggressive, and typically err on the conservative side,” said Battenfield. “So, there is a definitely a chance it could be more.” Pool-goers, residents, and non-residents can go to Wine Cellars on the corner of MLK and Ulster for all of their summer alcohol needs. Pool-goers may contact them directly for delivery at (303) 780-9463. Delivery times will be 1PM, 3PM, and 5PM on Saturdays and Sundays. ]]>

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