Forest City Looking for ‘As Is’ Lessees for Stapleton Control Tower

Recent developments for the possibility of a community arts center being located and designed around the Stapleton Control Tower have not been positive. “We have learned that some of the changes that would need to be made to the tower to accommodate the type of center we want, will not be possible,” said MCA President Liza Kampstra. “We put a lot of time into this plan, and believed Forest City understood what we were looking for. But, in the end, they do not want to sell the tower, nor do they want any structural improvements or changes.” “Forest City believes the tower is a big piece of Stapleton history,” said Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “For that reason, we want to keep it in the Forest City family, and want to keep the structure basically the same, to preserve its authenticity.” To keep this authenticity, Forest City does not want to put any money into the structure, even if it means it is a safety risk. “We know it is an old building with some inherent dangers in the middle of a residential area,” said Ayers. “But, that is what it is, and we don’t want to change that.” Forest City is still looking for someone to lease the space, but they will need to do so under their specific terms. “We are looking for someone that will simply take the space as is, use it, and enjoy it,” said Ayers. “We believe that customer is out there.” Commercial leasing expert Robert Dillingham is not so certain. “The space has been empty with very little interest for over a decade,” says Dillingham. “Now that they have essentially turned down a great opportunity to work with the community and have gone public with their demands on the use of the space, it is highly unlikely they will get any real interest.” Forest City feels the right partner is out there. “We know there is a company out there that will fall in love with this space and not want to change it,” said Ayers. “If we have to wait another decade, we will.” ]]>

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