Montview 711 Health Food Sales Reach $100 in April

The new 711 located on Montview Blvd. is dedicated to being a 711 for the Stapleton community. Historically, 711’s are known for their ridiculously sized sodas, instant lunches, and all sorts of junk food. The 711 located in the heart of Stapleton is trying to change that. “We will be offering all sorts of healthy options in our store to fit with the healthy lifestyles of Stapleton residents,” said co-owner Brad LaPedis. “We are even considering adding in an organic line if things go well with the rest of our healthy offerings.” So far, sales for the healthy food choices have been less than spectacular. “711 has been around since the late 20’s, and changing people’s perceptions of that fast, junk food image is going to be a challenge,” says LaPedis. “We did have the highest revenue for health foods of any American 711 in April, so that is encouraging. We are not going to quit on it yet.” The 711 health food push is being met with mixed reviews by residents. “I think it is great,” said Mariah Bliss. “We have bullied King Soopers into being healthier, and now we are doing it to the convenience stores. I doubt I will ever go there, however, I am glad that as a community we were able to implement our will on a private business.” Joel Marion doesn’t quite agree with Mariah. “Who goes to 711 to buy healthy foods?” asked Marion. “In fact, when I go there, I don’t even want to see a healthy option so that I can essentially get what I want and know there wasn’t anything healthy being offered anyway. Now, those 711 trips are significantly less guilt free.” The Montview 711 will continue to test the healthy options, at least for a few more months. “We definitely want it to work out,” said LaPedis. “But, if what the community says and what they do are two different things, we have to go with the side of what they do.” ]]>

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