Stapleton Cold Stone Serves Record Six Customers in 90 Minutes

Stapleton Cold Stone Creamery Manager Mark Fitzpatrick could barely believe it after a sixth customer was served in just under 90 minutes. “We never thought the record was something even close to attainable,” said Fitzpatrick. “We wanted to work hard, satisfy customers, and if we got the record, great, but it was never talked about.” Even more special for Fitzpatrick and the rest of the crew at the Stapleton store is that it was done the year of the 25th anniversary of Cold Stone. The previous record of five was held by two stores, one in Cedar Falls, Iowa (1993) and the other in Alma, Michigan (2002). Store employees involved in the record received a free milk shake courtesy of Cold Stone, however, most of them did not have the time to wait around for their prize. “It is really special,” said record-holder Andy Gustafson. “The team was rockin’ it, we were singing songs, ringing the bell, and we were still able to break it. Just a special group back there.” The Stapleton team warded off early criticisms of the record that claimed that many of the six customers simply ordered a scoop of plain ice cream. “It wasn’t the case at all,” said Fitzpatrick. “We were able to track and prove that there was nothing ordinary about the orders, and people were demanding about the toppings they wanted.” Over the years, some have questioned how the ice cream shop maintains a profit when they typically turn over so few customers. “We do not have a traditional business model,” claimed Fitzpatrick. “People ask us how we get paid. I always say, ‘satisfaction.’” ]]>

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