Havana Exit Offers Scenic Detour Through Commerce City

The Havana Street exit is once again under construction. This time, the crews are being kind enough to detour the traffic through scenic Commerce City. “I never get a chance to visit Commerce City,” said Stapleton resident Don Wilber. “This gives me a chance to drive around and really explore it. Pretty cool stuff.” Commerce City has long been a Colorado destination city, but Coloradans have rarely taken weekend trips to explore it. For Stapleton residents, the Havana Street exit has helped them check something off of their to-do lists. “I always wanted to check it out, but never had the time,” said resident Jamie Weber. “Now, with the Havana Exit going right through it, I finally got my chance to see the place.” Commerce City Mayor Sean Ford says the extra traffic has been good for the city. “We love our sister city of Stapleton,” said Ford. “They have helped with our economy, and any traffic is good traffic here.” Commerce City believes that the detour should bring in an estimated $200,000. The Havana St. exit detour is expected to last for six more months, however, it could go for another year. “It is not that big of an inconvenience,” said Weber. “Most Stapleton residents have never had a chance to go to Commerce City, so this is really a great opportunity for them. ]]>

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