FDA, IRS Come Down Hard on Stapleton Lemonade Stands

Stapleton residents have become accustomed to the dozens of lemonade stands randomly placed in the community throughout the summer. It is a fun way for kids to make a little money, and a great way to get a refreshment for a passersby. “I love seeing the kids out there selling their lemonade,” said resident Christine Ellers. “It is so old school, and makes our neighborhood look even more perfect.” Other residents agree. “These kids are just trying to make a few bucks so they can chip in for the new Wii game their parents are going to buy them,” said Brian Sorensen. “There’s no harm in that.” The Federal Government disagrees. “If we start allowing anyone without proper licensing to produce and distribute food and beverages, it is a pretty slippery slope,” said FDA Official Scott Johansen. “We have to fine these kids the same way we would fine a business that wasn’t going through the proper channels. We are protecting the community as well as the honest small businesses.” Johansen mentioned that over 30 children have been fined with fines between $500-$1000, and many had their businesses shut down completely. “This was really hard on the kids,” said Florence Ortner parent of two kids who had been running a lemonade stand. “Now what business are they going to run to raise the $500 to pay the fine.” The FDA is not the only federal authority to be up in arms regarding Stapleton lemonade stands. “These are cash businesses,” said IRS Agent Dan Beatty. “We did not find one method of accounting for the incoming revenue by these kids,” said Beatty. “In a time when the country needs money more than ever, we need to make sure businesses are reporting their income, and paying taxes on that income.” Some residents are saddened to think that the stands are probably gone for good. “It is too much of a pain to do it legal through the proper channels,” said parent Riley Hansen. “Unfortunately, we may have seen the last of Stapleton lemonade stands.” Some believe it is a new opportunity for kids to create an underground bootleg lemonade business, which could end up being more lucrative. ]]>

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