Parkwood’s New Conservatory Green Home, the Tasmanian, to Include Snake Pit and Honey Badger Coop

Parkwood Homes released their most recent model for the conservatory green neighborhood on Monday, and buyers like what they see. “It seems like everyone in Stapleton is getting chickens or goats, and even cows,” said prospective buyer David Halsor. “I am totally fine with that, but it is not really my speed. I like to have a little more extreme-type animals, and this new model looks like I am the guy they are after.” Parkwood’s new The Tasmanian, gives buyers the ability to house up to 100 snakes in its unique snake housing snake pit. “Not everyone wants to have snakes inside their house in an aquarium,” said Parkwood Spokesperson Andrea Taylor. “It can take up living space as well as leave an undesirable odor. This gives the owner the ability to have different breeds of snakes and allows them to slither around more freely. Snake lovers are really going to love this place.” And Parkwood didn’t stop there, as they also jumped on the Honey Badger craze that has been sweeping the nation. “We are not sure if anyone has ever owned a honey badger, or if it is even legal,” said Taylor. “But, if it is legal to own a honey badger or honey badgers, we have created a perfect little home for them outside of the Parkwood home for the residents.” Wildlife experts do not seem as ecstatic about the new additions to the Parkwood home. “First of all, there has to be some codes that are being broken by trying to own several snakes in an urban environment,” said wildlife expert Eric Farrell. “Secondly, how could the designers not be aware that honey badgers eat snakes? It is a terrible idea to house these enemy species just feet apart. We are hoping the community gets behind this and does not allow this possibility.” So far, residents are not that concerned. “As long as the wild animals stay on their property, I am not too concerned,” said Stapleton resident Bob Carman. “Snakes and honey badgers don’t seem like they are too loud. Plus, this might be something that keeps Aurorans from breaking into homes in the conservatory green neighborhood.” ]]>

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