Sex Ed Camp Hopes to Fill Holes Left By Local Schools

Stapleton parents put their kids in all sorts of camps during the summer. Some of these camps focus on sports, others on art, and of course some on music. If a child has an interest in an activity, a parent can find a camp for them. There are educational camps as well to help continue and advance a child’s learning over the summer. Recently, it was brought to the attention of the community that a local school had not taught a sex education curriculum that had been previously promised. “We had spoken with administrators at the school last year, and we were told the students would have a sex education component,” said concerned parent Abby Christensen. “Unfortunately, this did not happen.” Several parents were disappointed by this development. “We counted on this being part of the learning process for the kids,” said parent Chris McCoy. “Now, we are put in a very awkward situation where we may have to talk to our kids about this stuff. No one wants to do that.” Luckily, local camp Comeoniwannalaya hopes it can help resolve the issues left by the local schools. “We saw this opportunity, and figured creating this camp would be a great fit for the community,” said head Camp Comeoniwannalaya counselor Kerry Becker. “We think we will be around even after the schools teach the sex education curriculum. There is just a lot to learn when it comes to sex.” The camp begins July 8th, with two one week camps from Monday through Friday from 9 to noon. “We think we should be able to cover a lot in the one week period,” said Becker. “We obviously can’t get to everything, but the older and more advanced kids will definitely learn more. All the kids will get the basics.” The camp will be for kids ages 10 to 18 and will take place in classrooms at DSST. For more information and to register, visit ]]>

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