SUN Appoints Committee to Determine Whether SUN Has Too Many Committees

The SUN Board (Stapleton United Neighbors) is most likely one of the most active neighborhood associations. They make an effort to work closely with Forest City, the Stapleton MCA, and the city of Denver to ensure that members of the community are represented in decision-making processes. SUN committees include transportation, safety, sustainability, outreach, education, and of course a kickball committee. These are several more, but these are the biggest ones. “We were having our meeting and getting updates from the several committees,” said SUN President Mike Victoria. “It took two and a half hours for people to give a 30 second comment on what they had going on. We wanted to make sure we were using our time productively, so decided to appoint a committee to determine if it is necessary to have so many committees.” The committee took shape with four total members, two on each opposing side. “We wanted to have a balanced committee, otherwise, why even have it,” said Victoria. “I certainly have an open mind,” said committee member Joshua Clark. “But, from my perspective, all of the committees we currently have are essential to running a strong committee. It is absolutely up for debate, however.” Committee member Gabe McCarville initially has the opposite thought. “There are probably some areas where things can be combined to cover multiple things,” said McCarville. “So, initially, I believe things could be pared down.” The committee will meet once every other week and hopes to make its recommendation to the SUN Board by early October. “This is something that will go into our bylaws and could shape who we are as a committee for a long time,” said Victoria. “So, in that sense, it may be one of the most important decisions we make.” ]]>

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