"Perfect" Very Popular in Perfect Stapleton

As some readers may have noticed, the latest fad phrase/saying is “perfect,” as in “I think I can meet you at the Berkshire at 7:15.” Response: “Perfect.” It is no surprise that in such a perfect place like Stapleton the saying “perfect” is being used so much. Also not surprising, some residents are complaining a bit that they are hearing it too often. Part of the “perfect” craze is for people to mention how their kids are in a “perfect” amount of activities this summer. “If I hear another crazy Stapleton mom use the word perfect again, I’m going to lose it,” says an unnamed nanny who asked us not to disclose her name. The perfect fad of course follows the occasionally annoying quasi-Australian “no worries” that became popular in recent years in spite of Crocodile Dundee movies rarely being watched on Netflix – especially by Stapleton residents. Very few Stapleton residents have of course been to Australia, but this hasn’t stopped them from saying “no worries” in response to any major or minor inconvenience. It is of course a good way to pretend to friends and neighbors that you are laid back when you really feel like kicking some butt. A good example was witnessed by this reporter. From one Stapleton resident: “Sorry for blocking the alley for two days with my trash cans and four huge empty baby gear boxes piled next to my recycling bin.” Other resident: “No worries.” “Perfect” has emerged as a replacement for the more ordinary “sounds good” response. “These Stapleton parents are of course far from perfect, but I guess if they say “perfect” enough, they think they are cool and creative,” said annoyed resident Tom Carney. Some of the new uses for “perfect” include:

  • Your house looks perfect with that new paint job. I think I’ll have to (one up you) and get mine painted.
  • Since I work from home, I have a perfect commute. Where do you work?
  • Coco is just the perfect dog. She never has an accident inside the house (that I want to admit to).
We’ll have to wait to see what the next fad might be. ]]>

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  1. The photo accompanying this article could only have been taken from the upstairs bathroom window of my house (on 35th ave). Who are you and when were you in my house??

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