Sam Gary Library Featured Kindle Reading by Mayor Hancock

To celebrate the Sam Gary Library’s one year anniversary, the Library had Mayor Hancock on hand to do a reading of Inferno by Dan Brown from his Amazon Kindle. Those attending the event thought it was a great way to celebrate the anniversary of Stapleton’s library. “It is always great to see the mayor taking an active interest in your community,” said event-goer Julie Clifford. “Next time, maybe he will read from a book, but really, who reads from books anymore? The Sam Gary Library has had almost 200,000 visitors and has offered hundreds of programs for kids and adults alike. “When it first opened, there were definitely some frustrations and concerns from the community,” said Stapleton resident Jenny Kamienski. “It was never open, and then the times it was open, weren’t great for those who really were in need of the library.” Kamienski admits that things are a lot better now. “Even though the hours could be better, at least it is open seven days a week.” The library plans to continue to offer great programs for kids and adults. They are also open to community involvement, but not too much community involvement, according to head librarian Kelly Schmadeke. “We certainly want feedback from the community,” said Schmadeke. “But, we want people to understand that we have actual experience in working in libraries, so you have to have a little faith in us.” ]]>

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