Final Stapleton Resident Tries CrossFit

It was a late night on August 3rd when Becky Logan finally succumbed to the pressure. “A bunch of girls in the neighborhood were sitting around on a friend’s porch talking,” recalls Becky. “All they talked about was CrossFit. I didn’t even understand most of the things they were talking about. There were a lot of acronyms, weird phrases, and terminology. I really felt left out.” Becky continued to drink her wine and hang out and the rest of the group kept asking Becky if she had tried CrossFit. “They kept saying things like, ‘you have to try it, Becky, you’ll love it!’ Honestly, from what they were saying, it didn’t sound like much fun. But, I felt like if I didn’t try it, I would never be able to talk to them again since it seemed that was the only thing they wanted to talk about.” Becky decided she would try a couple of days at one of the five local CrossFit gyms. “Everyone was really nice to me the first day, and very encouraging,” said Becky. “I didn’t know what to expect, but knew I had to give it a shot if I ever wanted to socialize with neighborhood women again.” Becky saw several uber-fit Stapleton moms knocking out their WOD. “These chicks were crazy fit,” said Becky. “Apparently, women can do pull-ups. I didn’t know that. Granted, they were kipping, but I still consider them pull ups.” Becky also noticed that for some reason, shirts are not required for CrossFit. “Several guys take their shirts off during the workout. We are indoors, so I thought this was weird. Do you think we will start seeing dudes without shirts running on treadmills?” Becky is unsure of how long she will continue doing CrossFit, but for now, it has been a great way to get in better shape and a nice social outlet. “It is like I instantly made 15 new friends,” said Becky. “I also can join in conversations with all the neighbor gals as well.” ]]>

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