Stapleton Dads Mourn Loss of Back to School Nannies

It was a sad day late last week for hundreds of Stapleton dads. The college girl summer nannies had to report back to campus, and therefore, left the Stapleton neighborhoods, and more importantly, the pools. “It hurts,” said local dad Jim McCoy. “It seemed like they were here for such a short time, and now they are gone. I knew it was going to end, but it doesn’t make it any easier for us.” To get through the difficult times, many dads cling to other vices. “I’m glad we have a couple more weeks at the pools to at least oogle hot moms,” said Steve Drenner. “Also, I am hoping that football season will be a good distraction from the pain for me. But, every time they show a cheerleader, it brings back the pain.” Some dads are hitting the bottle especially hard so that they can cope with their emotions. The loss of the college nannies does not mean that the nannies are all gone, it simply means that the less-serious, younger (and sometimes hotter) ones have headed out. “The full time nannies are certainly great, too,” said McCoy. “Don’t get me wrong, we also like them. But, they take their jobs really seriously, so they don’t spend all their days at the pool. The college nannies take the kids to the pool and just sit there all day to be stared at. You really have to respect that kind of dedication to the male community here.” The upside of the end of the summer for many dads is looking forward to seeing next year’s summer nannies. “When the new group comes in, it is pretty exciting,” said Drenner. “There are some that are back again, but we get a lot of new ones and that is special.” The pools plan to be opened next year on Sunday May 25th, and many dads are already looking forward to it. ]]>

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