Stapleton Mom Fears Her Competition in Child’s Class

For kids, the first day of school is typically filled with excitement and hope. They are hoping to meet new friends, are excited for new challenges, and are looking forward to getting back in to a routine. The truth is, most kids want to go back to school, and have few fears or reservations about the beginning of the school year. For Stapleton parents, it is a completely different ball game. Stapleton moms are nervous about a series of things including but not limited to:

  • Am I the prettiest mom in the class?
  • Will I be the most active mom in the class?
  • Will the other kids wish I was their mom?
  • Will me being around a lot help my child get more friends?
  • Will our family donate the most money and time to the school?
  • Will I have prepared my child to do the best in the class?
  • Will my child be the best dressed in the class?
These are stressful things for a parent to go through, and Westerly Creek mom Kamie Alger had a very difficult first week of school. “I realized that Sarah Asbee was in my class,” said Alger. “Everyone knows that Sarah does a lot for the school, is pretty, and on top of that, she is actually nice. I heard she is funny, too.” Alger is not ready to hand over the title of “class mom of the year” to Asbee, but acknowledges taking that title is going to be a challenge. “I mean, she brings cupcakes to almost everything, has the best birthday parties, and on top of that, looks great in a swimsuit” Alger says that she is coping with her new “classmate” and may try to be friends with her. “I still want what’s best for the school,” said Alger. “If we can work together to help the school be successful, that’s great. In the end, let the best mom win.” Stapleton moms think they are always being judged a little bit. This couldn’t be further from the truth. They are always being judged a lot. Best of success to all the Stapleton moms in the upcoming school year. ]]>

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