Aurora Pleased Stapleton Residents Finally Bitching About Other Noisy Neighbor, Commerce City

Commerce City. Unfortunately for Commerce City, a loud Dave Matthews concert has given them the unneeded ire of the Stapleton community. “Think of communities as neighbors on a street,” said Stapleton resident Dave Seery. “Stapleton is the nice family living in the nice home. They are polite to their neighbors, but everyone knows they think they are better than everyone else. Aurora is the shady guy renting the two bedroom apartment next door. No one really trusts him, and he keeps weird hours. When the cops come to his house, he knows it’s because ‘Stapleton’ called them on him.” Seery believes Stapleton’s tough relationship with Aurora has allowed Commerce City to go almost unnoticed. “Commerce City is the guy renting on the other side of Stapleton,” said Seery. He is always really friendly and non-threatening, but Stapleton is pretty sure Commerce City does drugs. Stapleton ignores Commerce City’s silly antics, understanding nothing they do is going to hurt anyone. Then, Commerce City decides to start having loud, late night parties. This strains the relationship. Stapleton stops saying hi to Commerce City, and eventually calls the police on them during one of their late night gatherings. The relationship will never be the same.” Dick’s Sporting Goods Park hosted the Dave Matthews Band on August 23rd and 24th. Apparently, the noise from the park was quite disturbing. “Pictures on my wall were shaking,” said resident Tom Beatty. “Now, I like the Dave Matthews Band, and I like music, but I think that the noise was a little out of line.” Some residents reportedly called the police, but the police were unable to shut down the concert and arrest Dave Matthews as the residents had requested. The SUN Board will be discussing the issue to look for potential solutions with Commerce City and Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. More than likely, the only major change will be Commerce City getting discussed more and more. Hey, Aurora, maybe someday we’ll forget all about you. Editor’s Note: You should not have to be reminded that you don’t call 911 to complain about loud music. ]]>

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