DPS Intensifies Stapleton HS Principal Search After Realizing Local Candidates All Suck

DPS along with the Stapleton Search Committee completed a three month local search for a candidate to become the Principal at the new Stapleton High School. According to reports, DPS was looking for a candidate who met the following qualifications: forward-thinking approach, understanding of the community, desire to partner with parents, and ability to lead a strong team of educators. After the intensive search, DPS was unable to find a candidate that would be able to lead the new high school in the top-notch Stapleton Community. “We definitely had some good candidates,” said DPS search committee leader Jim Skaggs. “But good won’t cut it in Stapleton. We need perfection, and anything less is considered unsatisfactory from our perspective.” The committee has now widened its search to a national search. They feel that recruiting a principal from elsewhere in the country won’t be hard because Stapleton is such a great community. “I think anyone would be excited to work for DPS in the Stapleton community, especially with the challenges of building a new school,” said Skaggs. “There are definitely some challenges, especially when you consider Colorado lags behind several states when it comes to paying teachers. But, what a pretty state we live in, huh?” Some residents were surprised that a local candidate was not found. “Denver and its suburbs have several high schools and junior highs in a community of over 2.6 million people,” said concerned resident Tom Potter. “What does it say about what they are looking for if they don’t have any candidates for which they had a serious interest?” Potter is also concerned about the remaining process of finding a principal. “They want to have a community forum so that community members can ask questions and even have input on the final decision. That is crazy. Principals aren’t elected officials. I thought I elected officials to elect people to make these decisions? What’s next? Will I get to interview candidates for Denver garbage men?” Others in the community are pleased to see DPS including them in the process. “I think it is great,” said Holly Marion. “We need to be involved every step of the way. The final candidates should be fully vetted. Background checks, transcripts, legal documents, everything should be fair game.” Holly isn’t at all concerned that this process could scare off good candidates. “Stapleton is so great, we will get the best possible candidates applying, and we will find the perfect principal for our community.” DPS is planning for the new high school to be open in the fall of 2015 provided they have a principal. ]]>

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