First Annual “Spirit Games”: Even College-Theme Parties in Stapleton are Snobby

Just when you think Stapleton can’t get any snobbier, they somehow make it happen. This Friday night (9/13), a direct giving party with a college-like rivalry is being hosted at the Nantucket Close. Yes, a college theme party in the most exclusive part of Stapleton. Parents from Bill Roberts and Westerly Creek will be squaring off in college events in what is being dubbed “the Spirit Games.” The games will officially take place from 6-9PM, but we know that it will go past 11. “This should be a fun way for Bill Roberts and Westerly Creek parents to show their spirit,” said local parent Dan Oltersdorf. “People should show up bringing lots of money and lots of pride in their school, and may the best school win.” Parents from neighboring schools will match up against each other for friendly games in which the winner takes the pot for its school. The Spirit Games will have several old school college games, and some with a snobby, Stapleton twist. For example, beer pong will be played with craft beer or even white wine instead of the typical less expensive domestic brews. The Stapletonion is dubbing this game “snob pong.” Other than snob pong, some other games up for consideration include:

  • Cornhole (played on a custom handcrafted set of Brazilian Walnut boards)
  • Bocce Ball (using a 250 carat diamond as the bocce)
  • Wii Bowling
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Foosball
  • Bubble Hockey
  • Air Hockey
  • Shuffle Board
  • Pool
  • Darts
  • Quarters (but will be played with 1921 silver dollars valued at almost $8,000)
The Spirit Games should be a great time, and parents from both schools will have a lot of fun in what will hopefully be an annual event. “Everyone knows all Stapleton schools are great schools,” says Oltersdorf. “This is another way to let parents get together for some fun, have some school pride, and raise money for needed resources for each of these great schools.” For more information on the Spirit Games, click here or contact Dan Oltersdorf, Chantell Taylor, or Cathy Kautzman. ]]>

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